The structural heritage of the Othe and Armance region is not to be missed.
 Our churches are packed with some veritable artistic treasures : you can see every facet of 16th Century statuary here, thanks to master craftsmen such as the sculptor at Chaource, creator of the sculpture of the Burial of Christ in the Church of Saint Jean-Baptiste.
The spectacular stained glass windows in Ervy-le-Châtel and Bérulle, and the unique wooden rood screen of the Collegiate Chapel in Villemaur-sur-Vanne, will wow you. As you wander through the region, you will also discover the wash houses and chapels that formed part of everyday rural life back in the day, where you might hear the echo of the washerwomen's laughter or the haunting prayers of the processions.

Admire the rich and diverse wildlife, the fruit of the encounter between the dales of Burgundy and the Champagne lowlands. This authentic and unspoilt setting, boasting a very rich natural and architectural heritage, offers breathtaking visits and walks.

 “The light, the palette of colours, the beauty of the countryside and the calm provide an oasis of serenity for us artists that makes us feel creative. The museums of Othe and Armance fill us with inspiration and the drive to create something.”

The tart, fruity taste of Othe cider comes from the ten or so varieties of apples that go into its making, including the Avrolle, the Nez Plat and the Nez du Chat, which are pulped and pressed. The juice is extracted and placed in a vat, where it will ferment for several months. Othe cider will make your taste buds tingle.

Chaource: legend has it that this cheese was originally made by monks at the dawn of the 14th Century, in Pontigny Abbey. Discover the secrets behind the favourite cheese of King François I, famed for its soft, dry-salted texture and the blooming mould crust of its rind, now covered by a Protected Designation of Origin (AOC).

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