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Troyes, where the heart beats stronger

Here, the heart beats stronger

Just 90 minutes from Paris and 20 minutes from Europe's largest lake system sits a Renaissance city with a typically French way of life.

The city is a jewel of France's national heritage, with its multi-coloured rows of timber-framed houses, straight out of the 16th century.

This is Troyes, where people still dream of living on love alone to this day.

With its maze of streets and alleyways lined with hidden gems of history, its quays which are perfect for a stroll, and its myriad of Gothic churches which house the finest collection of stained glass windows in France, Troyes offers the ideal stimulus for gentle souls.

Troyes is a place that touches the soul and makes the heat beat stronger!

Romanticism for everyone!

Does it really matter whether angels are male or female? Whatever gender they are, they are angels just the same.

Troyes is a place where romanticism is accessible to everyone. The city makes no distinction based on personal preferences or inclinations.

It's a city where Love is written with a capital L, where all of the colours of the rainbow come together. It is a place where every lover will feel at home, and a place that should find a home in every lover's heart.

Troyes is an inclusive, open and welcoming place to all followers and devotees of love, with a heart big enough to carry the emotions of all its children.

"My one and only..."

Having been forced apart against their will, wife and husband Heloise and Abelard wrote a series of passionate letters to each other, letters which are still read today almost nine centuries on.

In memory of these cursed lovers and their correspondence, Troyes Tourist Office invites "dearly beloveds" from across the globe to post letters to their own Heloise or Abelard in its post box. These letters will be published on the Tourist Office's website, with a prize awarded to the top five letters.

 Writers are invited to declare their love, share their happiness or reveal their sorrow... whatever it is that truly moves them. Of course, there's no need to write in Latin!

The perfect love nest

Troyes, seduce me! Troyes, charm me! Troyes, enchant me! Troyes, conquer me!
Troyes, woo me! Troyes, romanticise me! 

It's every person's dream to experience life in a French château at least once in their lives.

This château, set in grounds of 18 acres and surrounded by moats, is a stunning building dating back to the 16th and 17th centuries.

The Troyes Tourist Office invites you to come and spend an unforgettable week at Château de la Motte in the village of Rumilly-lès-Vaudes, just 15 minutes from Troyes.

It features a romantic setting, period decor, modern comforts and a wide range of leisure activities.

The Tourist Office has put together a special package which includes a tour of Troyes, a visit to Renoir's village, an excursion to the lakes and a hot air balloon ride.

Château de la Motte is the perfect place to declare your love, rediscover your passion, or even get married surrounded by your friends and family.

Declaration of love for Troyes

French poet Eustache Deschamps (c.1340–c.1406) wrote four "rondeaux" in which he declared his passion for the city of Troyes. Below is one of these "rondeaux":

Noble cité, ville tresamoureuse,
Adieu te dy jusques a mon retour.
De Champaigne es contesse vertueuse,
Noble cité, ville tresamoureuse.

Troyes as nom ; a tous es gracieuse,
Bons citoyens, dames de bel atour ;
Noble cité, ville tresamoureuse,
Adieu te dy jusques a mon retour.

(Reproduced here with the original old French spelling)