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Take an unforgettable audio guided tour with Troyes Champagne Tourisme

Discover the city of a thousand colours at your own pace and let us be your guide.

The audio guided tour features a range of comments and background sounds and music, and will take you to yards and alleyways, churches and museums, squares and mansions, travelling through 20 centuries of history.

The equipment itself is easy to use and offers two unique routes: “The Cats’ Circuit” and “Troyes in the Days of the Sword” (for children and young adults), available in French, English, German, Italian and Dutch.

Another route, entitled “Draw me a Champagne Cork”, is available to French visitors in French Sign Language (LSF).

These routes cover the entire city centre, which is known locally as the “champagne cork” due to its unique resemblance to this object:

Standard price: €6

Concessionary price*: €4 

(*Children (under 18), students, job-seekers and disabled people)

“Draw me a Champagne Cork” in French Sign Language - Single price: €4

Useful information

Making a booking at the Troyes Champagne Tourisme :  16 Rue Aristide Briand, 10000, Troyes

Tel. +33 (0)3 25 82 62 70

Email: contact@tourisme-troyes.com

Length of the tour: 2 hours 30 mins – 3 hours

Deposit: €50 or an identity document