Monument à Robert Galley

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papillon sculpture Robert Galley - Didier Rousseau-Navarre © NV - Troyes Champagne Tourisme (6).jpg© NV - Troyes Champagne Tourisme
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Robert Galley © AL - Troyes Champagne Tourisme.JPG© AL - Troyes Champagne Tourisme
  • Monument to Robert Galley - Liberation Square
    Work by sculptor Didier Rousseau - Navarre

    Inaugurated in November 2018, this monument honours the memory of Robert Galley who was a resistance fighter of the Free French Forces, Companion of the Liberation, Minister from 1968 to 1981 and Mayor of Troyes from 1972 to 1995.

    The gilded bronze bust rests on a square column of Burgundy stone.
    It weighs nearly 150 kg and is 125 cm high. The entire sculpture is 2.75 m high.

    Note a butterfly on his left shoulder: a small wink to this nature lover who had a passion for entomology (study of insects) and more particularly butterflies. He collected nearly 20,000 species of butterflies and donated them to the Museum of Natural History in Troyes.