Square 3 godets.jpg

Square des Trois Godets

Historic site and monument ,  Town square at Troyes

  • This square owes its name to the former Hôtel des Trois-Godets.
    Square 3 godets
    Locals relax belowthebeautiful trees and admire the chevet of the cathedral and the half-timbered whitewashed houses that date from the 17th century.
    One of them is called the Maison du Pont- Ferré, because the bishop collected a toll there until 1530 from people crossing the Porte des Ursins via the ironwork passage.
    Under the façade of the right side of the house, as seen from the square, the archway passes over the old stream, or «ru» of Meldançon, which bordered the first wall of the city.
    In the 10th century, the city built a new rampart beyond the present-day Saint-Nizier church (on rue Surgale and rue Célestin-Philbois).
    Along the Meldançon, the abattoirs were set up in the 15th century that at the time were called massacreries, tueries or écorcheries.
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