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Length of activities : 3 hours

Tourist walk

Take a three-hour stroll through the city's neighbourhoods, accompanied by a walking guide. Come and discover some of the city's lesser-known locations, major historical sites and preserved natural beauty spots, each with its own story, legend or event. City tour: approx. 5 km (3 miles)

Cycling tour

Discover some of the legendary, historic, unusual and lesser-known sites of the city with a guided cycling tour through the centre of Troyes and the surrounding area. A variety of different themes are available. 

Length of activities : 1 hour and half


An innovative concept combining an energising jog with an educational tour of the architectural and historical heritage of Troyes, with a variety of different themes available.

"Cap’Enigme" discovery tour

Discover a mediaeval city with its unique charm, beautiful colours, and hidden treasures, by taking part in our fun, friendly "Cap Enigme" discovery tour. Take the tour alone or in a group, with or without a tour guide

Film “Les Secrets de Troyes”

Come and watch the Tourist Information Centre's film, Les Secrets de Troyes (The Secrets of Troyes). Take a journey through time with our colourful time-traveller, Isodore, and learn how Augustobona Tricassium became Troyes. Duration: 15 min

Special Grouip Offer

Free for every person who books a place on a guided tour, or €3 per person