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The industrial boom in the 19th century: expertise, housing and Art Nouveau in Greater Troyes

Troyes is the former capital of knitwear and is home to some exceptional examples of 19th century industrial heritage. The city’s former knitwear factories stand testament to its flourishing industrial past. The 19th century bourgeois homes and workers’ houses on the outskirts of the “champagne cork” city centre represent society as it was at the time, with burgeoning social classes emerging through industrialisation... 

Explore this unique city with its historic, authentic, mediaeval city centre and its stunning, carefully restored 19th-century industrial heritage.

Duration of each tour: 90 minutes

Art Nouveau in Troyes

A themed tour covering urban architecture, stained glass and sculpture: works commissioned by captains of the knitwear industry during the industrial boom.

19th-century industrial and knitwear heritage

Guided tour of 19th-century industrial architecture (former knitwear factories) and residential properties (mansions and workers’ districts with their typical houses). A fun tour exploring the recent past.

Three-hour option: 

Additional tour: Knitwear in Troyes

Guided tour of the Musée de la Bonneterie, containing preserved weaving looms, 19th-century artefacts and invaluable testimonies of the daily lives of knitwear workers.