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Duration of each tour: 90 minutes

If you’re looking to explore the historic capital of the Champagne region in detail, focusing on a specific theme, then we have a selection of dedicated tours that will give you an insight into the history and architectural jewels of this truly authentic city.

The masterpieces of the Troyes School of Stained Glass and Sculpture 

The stained glass windows in the churches of sainte-Madeleine and saint-Pantaleon and the statues of sainte-Marthe, saint-Frobert and the arrest of saint-Crepin and saint-crepinien…

Troyes, the cradle of the Knights Templar

Visite de la cathédrale Saint-Pierre et Saint-Paul (XIIè) où s’est tenu en 1129 le Concile de Troyes officialisant l’Ordre des Templiers et les extérieurs de l’ancienne Commanderie du Temple. Evocation du rôle et de la présence des Templiers à Troyes pendant les Foires de Champagne.

In the footsteps of saint-Bernard (1090-1153)

Tour of the saint-Pierre and saint-Paul cathedral, discover at Media Library, bibles from Clairvaux Abbey, including the bible of saint-Bernard and a quick look at the ancient archives, one of the richest set of archives in France.

In the footsteps of Rachi

Homage to the life and works of Rachi (1040-1105). Discovering the old and new Jewish district of Troyes . 

In the footsteps of l’Abbé de l’Epée

 Widely considered a “benefactor of humanity”, he designed a universal sign language and founded a number of institutions, including the national institute for deaf children in Paris. Find out more about his life and explore his parish church in Feuges, located 12 km from Troyes. (Plan the bus for the group).