L'association des Concerts Vinteuil

Instrumental music at Buchères

  • Bucher Association dedicated to classical music.

    The Association des Concerts Vinteuil was born in 2000, from the meeting of young musicians from the Conservatoire National de Musique et de Danse de Paris ... and from a little wink to Marcel Proust. Vinteuil is an emblematic character of A la Recherche du temps perdu, an imaginary composer who allows the narrator to identify the difficulties of artistic creation.
    Thus, beyond his character, it is a profound aesthetic reflection that Proust stages and music plays an essential role in it: "I wondered if music was not the only example of what could have been - if it had not been for the invention of language, the formation of words, the analysis of ideas - the communication of souls. ». To place ourselves under the aegis of Vinteuil thus opens multiple doors... that over the years, concerts, meetings, we have wanted to go through with the loyalty of our members.

    Supported by the City of Buchères and the Conseil Général de l'Aube, the Association des Concerts Vinteuil has forged numerous partnerships with local cultural players, such as the Polymnie label, the Maurice Emmanuel choir, the Art & Spirituality festival, the photographer Gérald Gublin-Vanesse, and the violin maker Laurent Demeyere. It also radiates thanks to the artists through meetings and networks above the Loire.
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