Eglise Saint-Lyé

Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Church ,  Religion at Saint-Lyé

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  • It bears witness to an even older phase of construction, as evidenced by the fragments of sarcophagi used as a material for reuse on its tower and part of its façade, which is probably from the 11th century.
    Inside, the nave (with small openings in the façade) and its two sides are not vaulted, while the choir and apse are warheaded.
    The building preserves works of various kinds such as statues from the 14th century (Virgin and Child) and especially from the 16th century (Saint-Lyé, Saint-Claude, Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Christ in majesty, Virgin of Mercy...), a stone bas-relief representing scenes from the Virgin's Life and a carved wooden shrine for the relics of Saint-Lyé, both from the 16th century.
    (Text from the Observatory of Religious Heritage)
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