Eglise Saint-Pierre

Listed or registered (CNMHS) ,  Historic site and monument ,  Gothic ,  Renaissance ,  Roman ,  Church ,  Archaeological site at Isle-Aumont

Isle Aumont.JPG©Daniel Kaufmann
Isle Aumont.JPG©Daniel Kaufmann
jardin du cloitre.jpg© Alain Bedu
Isle Aumont.JPG© Daniel Kaufmann
mur archéologique.jpg© Alain Bedu
aile archéologique.jpg© Alain Bedu
aile cultuelle.jpg© Alain Bedu
autel bis.jpg© Alain Bedu
autel.jpg© Alain Bedu
colonne sur culot.jpg© Alain Bedu
console au dragon.jpg© Alain Bedu
coquille st jacques.jpg© Alain Bedu
Isle Aumont.JPG©Daniel Kaufmann
Isle Aumont.JPG©Daniel Kaufmann
retable le Christ.jpg© Alain Bedu
statuette platre.jpg© Alain Bedu
vierge à l'enfant.jpg© Alain Bedu
Brochure recto.jpg© Alain Bedu
Brochure verso.jpg© Alain Bedu
  • GGuided tour of the feudal mound of Isle Aumont (classified as a Historic Monument in 1967): Saint-Pierre church with three sanctuaries (10th, 12th and 16th century); lapidary exhibition; sarcophagus aisle; Merovingian funeral steles and statuary of the Troyes School.

    Visits take place:
    - from October 1st to June 30th, by appointment by calling the Town Hall on
    - from July 1 to September 30: telephone numbers are posted on the church doors
    - for the Heritage Days, a physical presence is set up.
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