Pays d’Othe

The Pays d'Othe stands alongside the Champagne plain and is highly characteristic in appearance.

This green, undulating region boasts hills covered with forests. In fact, forests cover around half of the entire territory.


The Chaourçois region is situated in the south of the Aube département, on the border with Burgundy. It boasts a stunning natural environment that is ideal for relaxation and leisure pursuits.
Nature lovers can explore the splendid forests of Aumont and Chaource on foot, by bike or on horseback, spotting a vast array of wildlife and plant species on the well-stocked forest floor.
Chaourçois also boasts a wealth of other riches, including its extensive heritage. The Saint-Jean-Baptiste church, for example, is renowned throughout Europe for its remarkable "Entombment", an impressive set of sculptures dating from the 16th-century Troyes School of Sculpture.
The area is also famous for its food, including Chaource cheese – one of just 36 AOC (controlled designation of origin) cheeses.