Charcuterie Thierry

Company ,  Butcher, caterer ,  Local produce at Sainte-Savine

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  • Widely recognised as one of the best artisan butchers, Daniel Thierry is a master creator of the famous Andouillette de Troyes.
    Qualified in 1998, awarded the gold medal in 2002, champion of France in 1999 and awarded the European Grand Prix d’Honneur, he is known throughout Troyes. Member of the AAAA (Association Amicale des Amateurs d'Andouillette Authentique) group of producers.
    Examples of products: String-tied andouillette, snout in vinaigrette, pâtés, ham and vol-au-vents. Champagne hotpot and andouillette gratin are just some examples of the cooked dishes that can be found here. Thierry andouillettes can also be purchased at other outlets in Troyes.

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