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Lee / Wrangler

Company ,  Factory outlet at Pont-Sainte-Marie

  • For more than a century, the Lee brand has been a pioneer in the manufacture of denim items.
    Lee's roots can be traced back to the production of overalls, designed to withstand a hostile environment, and to the American workers, cowboys, miners and railroad builders who forged this new country in the brand's signature fabric. Proud of this heritage, Lee has become one of the world's leading brands of comfortable and fashionable denim trousers, shirts, jackets and belts.

    Wrangler was originally created to be the best brand of jeans, jackets and shirts for cowboys. From functional details to current trends, Wrangler jeans have been evolving since 1947, and today Wrangler continues to rush into the mainstream and rebel against convention and fashion to establish its brand with a heritage of over 100 years of experience. Our Jeans are carefully crafted, combining superior craftsmanship, attention to detail and iconic style. Wrangler's classic fits are constantly evolving to guarantee confidence and timelessness. Wrangler is the authentic American Jeans brand that offers you innovation and craftsmanship.


    Explore the Lee Wrangler store and pick up our discounted denim pants, jackets, shirts and polo shirts. We also offer gift cards for sale at the store checkout.
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