Les créateurs du Val de Seine

Associations at Verrières

  • This is a non-profit organisation under the French law of 1901 aimed at artists and creative individuals in the Verrières region (south of Troyes).

    The "Les Créateurs du Val de Seine" association was founded in 1999 as a place for artists in the region south of Troyes to come together and fill an existing cultural gap.

    Its aim is to develop and promote cultural and artistic activity in Verrières and the surrounding area, bringing together artists, craft-makers and amateur designers in a spirit of mutual support and creativity, participating in a range of events and organising exhibitions.

    Members of the governing body of the "Les Créateurs du Val de Seine" association:
    - Chair: Mrs. Céline Riche (children's bedroom decoration, 3D maps)
    - Vice-Chair: Mrs. Marie-Odile Rossi (pyrography)
    - Secretary: Mrs. Muriel Nicli (jewellery)
    - Treasurer: Mrs. Béatrice Hubert (decorative jewellery, glass painting, porcelain painting)
  • Environment
    • Outskirts of town